Why? Freedom 

My why is Freedom for my clients.


Hello and Welcome,


I believe in Freedom.  The kind of freedom that comes when leadership teams have the guts to build a healthy organization that is highly effective.  When they become healthy and effective, they create freedom not only for themselves, but for their team-mates, employees, customers, vendors and the world at large.  This is what I believe and why I do what I do with my life and the finite number of days we have on this earth. 


On a more practical basis it is specifically the kind of freedom that comes when you enjoy engaged leaders, happy employees, robust cash flow and dependable predictable profit. 


I do this by helping my clients focus on doing the simple things savagely well.  Since selling my companies in 2006, business coaching for two years and then getting trained by Gino Wickman in the EOS method in 2008, I have focused on being a world-class Implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System**  and a world-class Facilitator of positive, productive human group / team / tribe dynamics;   I focus on helping you build profitable championship teams that are healthy and smart.


A few experiance details: Since 2008 I have graduated over 93 Leadership teams from the EOS program.  I have 24 team currently in process.  We average over 120 full 8 hour days a year in the room together mastering what we learn.  We practice together, my clients get better and I get better.  With over 10,000 hours with client teams, growing every day, I am glad to say this is my calling. 


I am Walt and I am a focused, full-time, certified Implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System, aka EOS or Traction**.



*  "Owners" includes CEOs, presidents, partner groups, Executive Directors and Program Directors, etc.

** Many folks who have not been officially trained call EOS "Traction", but, that is the name of the book. EOS is a complete operating system that uses the tools from the book Traction. 




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